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Corporate blogging for KM

Richard MacManus is thinking about Internal Corporate Blogging in a thoughtful entry that contains:

Nevertheless, corporate blogging has potential. I forsee weblogging and wiki technologies will be most useful in enabling bottom-up Knowledge Management in my company - via our Intranet.

Looking around the Web, it's quite hard to find practical information on using weblog technology in a corporate setting. What I have found so far seems to be mostly related to using weblogs as an external marketing tool. For example, Dina Mehta pointed to a Microsoft Marketing manager who uses blogging to converse with his customers. That's great, but external blogging isn't suitable for the place I work for. You really need to have a significant proportion of customers/clients who are both tech-savvy and motivated to use the Web regularly, in order to achieve anything with external blogging. So the internal Intranet is where I must focus my attention.
[via John Porcaro]

Several technology prognosticators have said 2004 is a year that blogging may break within the corporation. It will be interesting to see - and maybe participate - in what happens.

I like the idea that blogs can extend the coffee pot / lunchroom conversations and take the conversations out of endless rounds of email. There are opportunities in projects, like MacManus discusses. Basically, there as many ways to blog internal to a corporation as there are out here in the blogosphere.

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