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KMPro Chicago - Taxonomies and Metadata (February 10)

The next KMPro Chicago meeting will be February 10 with Marjorie M.K. Hlava, speaking on Taxonomies and Metadata.

The growth of internet technologies and the threat of information overload have contributed enormously to the adoption of taxonomies in corporate settings, but there is still a great deal of confusion about what they actually are.

One of the foremost experts will discuss how the pieces fit together. Margie Hlava of Access Innovations will cover what is new, what is old, and a taxonomy works for web and legacy collections.

The basics necessary to understand the marketing hype of taxonomies and metadata will be explained. Before digging into subject access to content Taxonomies, ontologies, thesauri, authority files, semantic web, categorization engines, and metadata. What are these things? How do you use them? Where do they fit into a knowledge management strategy?

See the Chicago Chapter page for more details, directions and the option to pre-pay. (Members $5, non-members $15 - collected at the door too.)

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