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Who are the players in KM

Denham Grey asks if there is a KM sub-culture? based on a Brint posting of 58 Top KM Contributors.

There is a whole league of influential KM folks that seem to operate below the Brint radar. Here I'm thinking of on-line players and personal (blog) publishers...

It turns out that this list is not from Brint. It is from several researchers at the University of Minnesota Management Information Systems Research Center Examining the Intellectual Structure of Knowledge Management, 1990-2002: An Author Co-citation Analysis. The goal of the paper was to show the connectedness of these contributors, most of whom are academics. I don't believe their aim was to create an all-inclusive list of KM Cognoscenti -- if it is, they are severely limited in their scope.

The extended entry contains the full list of 58 with some information about each person, something missing from the online list, mostly because I am curious.

It's surprising how difficult some of these people were to track down. Even those who have their own websites don't turn up high on Google's listings.

Maryam Alavi - technology-mediated learning, knowledge management (Emory University's Goizueta Business School)
Chris Argyris - long history in organizational learning, action design
Jay Barney - competitive advantage, organization design (Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business)
Frank Blackler - knowledge work, organization theory, activity theory (Lancaster University Management School)
John Seeley Brown - The Social Life of Information, communities of practice, innovation (formerly of Xerox PARC)
William Cohen - machine learning, text classification, data mining (Carnegie Mellon University's Center for Automated Learning and Discovery)
Richard L Daft - organizational theory, leadership (Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management)
Tom Davenport - knowledge management, innovation, guru (Babson College)
Peter Drucker - management guru extraordinaire
Paul Duguid - organizational learning, storytelling (independent researcher at Berkeley and Copenhagen, formerly at Xerox PARC)
Leif Edvinsson - intellectual capital (Universal Networking Intellectual Capital, Lund University
David A Garvin - learning organizations (Harvard Business School)
Sumantra Ghoshal - organizational change (London Business School)
Robert Grant - organizational change, knowledge management (Georgetown's McDonough School of Business)
Gary Hamel - innovation, strategy, guru (Strategos, Woodside Institute, London School of Business)
Morten T Hansen - knowledge management, organizational design (INSEAD)
Gunnar Hedlund - knowledge management, international management (deceased, last at Stockholm School of Economics)
Clyde Holsapple - expert systems, decision support (University of Kentucky School of Management)
George Huber - organizational learning, knowledge work (University of Texas McCombs School of Business)
Bruce Kogut - strategy, social capital, communities of practice (INSEAD)
Jean Lave - social theory, communities of practice (Berkeley Geography Department)
Dorothy Leonard (Leonard-Barton) - innovation, Wellsprings of Knowledge (Harvard Business School)
Jay Liebowitz - expert systems, technology management (Johns Hopkins Information Technology)
Fritz Machlup - dissemination of knowledge (deceased - 1983)
Yogesh Malhotra - founder of Brint, consultant
James G March - organizational intelligence (Stanford University)
Henry Mintzberg - organizational design, knowledge work (McGill University Faculty of Management)
Richard Nelson - innovation (Columbia Institute for Social and Economic Research Policy)
Ikujiro Nonaka - knowledge creation, guru (Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy)
Carla O'Dell - organizational effectiveness, knowledge management (American Productivity and Quality Center)
Daniel E O'Leary - artificial intelligence (University of Southern California Marshall School of Business)
Wanda Orlikowski - impact of technology on organizations (MIT's Sloan School of Management)
Michael Polanyi - philosophical work on personal knowledge, guru (deceased, worked out of Oxford University)
Michael Porter - strategy, competition, guru (Harvard Business School)
C.K. Prahalad - strategy, guru (University of Michigan Business School)
Larry Prusak - storytelling, many books (IBM)
James Brian Quinn - innovation, Intelligent Enterprise (Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business)
Paul Romer - growth theory (Stanford Graduate School of Business)
Rudy Ruggles - knowledge management, consultant (Cap Gemini Ernst & Young)
Ron Sanchez - knowledge management, competency-based management (Copenhagen Business School)
Joseph Schumpeter - economist, impact of technology (deceased)
Peter Senge - organizational learning, The Fifth Discipline, guru (MIT's Sloan School of Management)
Herbert Simon - cognitive psychology (deceased, last at Carnegie Mellon University)
JC Spender - knowledge management, strategy (retired, "itinerant academic")
Eric Stein - organizational memory, expert systems (Penn State University Great Valley)
Tom Stewart - intellectual capital, varied author (Fortune Magazine)
Karl-Erik Sveiby - intellectual capital, knowledge management, guru (Sveiby Knowledge Associates)
Gabriel Szulanski - knowledge transfer (INSEAD)
David J Teece - innovation, intellectual capital (Berkeley Haas School of Business)
Haridimos Tsoukas - organizational theory (University of Strathclyde, Athens Laboratory of Business Administration)
Eric von Hippel - innovation (MIT's Sloane School of Management)
Georg von Krogh - knowledge management, innovation (Universität St.Gallen)
James Walsh - organizational learning (University College Cork)
Karl Weick - organizational psychology (University of Michigan Dept of Psychology)
Etienne Wenger - communities of practice, guru (independent consultant)
Karl Wiig - knowledge management, artificial intelligence (Knowledge Research Institute, Cutter Consortium)
Sidney Winter - knowledge transfer, innovation (Wharton School)
Michael Zack - knowledge-based organization (Northeastern University College of Business Administration)

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