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Intranets take second place to public internet

Column Two has found a survey result that probably isn't terribly surprising for people who work in large firms. Intranets take second place to public internet:

Altas Ventures has publicised the results of a recent survey comparing the internet and internet as sources of information for staff. To quote:
Despite heavy investment in Intranets by companies, the public Internet remains the primary information source for knowledge workers according to a global survey by Moreover Technologies, the premier provider of real-time current awareness and business information solutions. When questioned, 57.8% of respondents admitted that the Internet was their primary information resource in their daily work routine whereas only 10.9% considered the Intranet to be their main source of information.

Note that this item comes from Moreover, which sells (syndicates) news content to companies. Does this mean that they have realized their business model of internal sales doesn't work?

Having worked in a large company with many intranets, I can agree with the basic results of the survey. Even areas of the intranet that were well designed were focused on very specific aspects of our business, so general information and general research were impossible. Finding information about a specific internal department was only possible via our intranet, of course. As Column Two suggests, it is difficult to know what the survey really asked.

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