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AOK: Gurteen discussion on PKM

If you want to talk about Personal Knowledge Management (or Inter-Personal Knowledge Management), David Gurteen is the AOK STAR Series for the next two weeks.

Most people equate PKM to PIM (Personal Information Management). They talk about it in terms of personal competences and as being able to do such things as use a search engine effectively and handle e-mail overload. They think in terms of personal tools.

But is it just the tools? Where does "personal effectiveness" cross over from good organizational skills to "knowlege management" skills. The discussion promises to figure out what part of "knowledge management" is personal and where our collaborators fit into the picture, as Denham has just written:

The key to knowledge work IMO is community, where you share, create, critique, validate new connections with others. Arranging reflecting and organizing your personal beliefs, perceptions and values without sharing is NOT KM as I see things.

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