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Parkinson's law or Leave your fingers home

Focus on what is important.

Parkinson's Law is usually quoted as "The work expands to fill the time available." This is a slightly different take on the law. Maybe Parkinson's corollary. Why should I care what color the bikeshed is?

The really, really short answer is that you should not. The somewhat longer answer is that just because you are capable of building a bikeshed does not mean you should stop others from building one just because you do not like the color they plan to paint it. This is a metaphor indicating that you need not argue about every little feature just because you know enough to do so. Some people have commented that the amount of noise generated by a change is inversely proportional to the complexity of the change.
[via Drunk and Retired]

Essentially, don't let the little things grow out of proportion, just because they are "easy" to manipulate. This example focuses on the color of a bike shed, when the real question is the building of a power plant. I have seen the same thing happen at budget time, when top management focus on a minscule line item while giving the big items short shrift.

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