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What are your breakthroughs

Curt Rosengren has been talking about looking toward the future, and he now has a post on Make a Success Journal:

In my recent post on an article on creating your own luck, I mentioned one of the action items the author suggested...creating a success journal. It was a great reminder for me of a tool I had used early on in my Passion Catalyst work, but which had fallen of my radar screen.

The Carnegie program suggests something similar. Along with creating a vision for your future, Carnegie explicitly asks you to think about "breakthroughs," or important changes in your world that will happen as a result of "intentional living." The breakthroughs are worded positively and in the present tense. "I am calm at work." or "I have three articles in print media." are both statements of success and breakthroughs. Obviously, breakthroughs happen in real life too: "I am an excellent father." is going to be very important in a few months, and I may as well start out right.

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