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Political phone spam

Okay, I know that our phone number is publicly listed, but how in the world do I get off the political please-elect-our-candidate list? Today is the primaries in Illinois, and they are still calling. Today we had Jan Schakowski (my US Congress), Barak Obama (Democratic US Senate hopeful and current state rep) and someone who wanted to talk to me about how great someone is for today's seniors. (Have you seen my picture? I'm not a senior for another 30 years.) That doesn't cover the half-dozen other calls we've received in the past week, including one from the daughter of deceased, former-senator Paul Simon. I won't be surprised if we get a couple more before darkness falls here in Chicagoland. At the last presidential election, we even received a call about 15 minutes before the polls were to close -- that time by a real human.

These are all recordings and they all come from "out of area" phone numbers. I don't know why pols can get away with having unidentifiable phone numbers, when they are the same people getting us things like do-not-call lists and the anti-spam legislation.

Thank you for letting me vent.

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