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Blogroll updated

For those who really need to know, I've switched my blogroll back to something slightly less elegant than what is provided by Bloglines, since I have switched to NewsGator for my aggregation.

I picked up MT-Outliner that reads an OPML file, and exported my OPML file from NewsGator. What I don't like is that NewsGator export doesn't see the folders I am using within Outlook, so the OPML file is just a flat list of all the blogs, which isn't very elegant. I'd like to display this list grouped by blogs to which I have added my own meta-data.

I will also have to remember to copy the OPML file every few weeks, as my aggregation changes regularly. Yes, I know that NewsGator offers an online service, but I am not planning to pay for that just to have my blogroll up to date.

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