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Another knowledge resource

In doing some other research, I ran across the Open University of Catalonia - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC): The Virtual University. Right on the front page, they have a "knowledge network" with links to recent faculty articles in the knowledge management arena. (links below take you to abstracts, then to pdf's of full articles

  • Identification and representation of organisational knowledge by Mario Pérez-Montoro, Inf. & Communication (article in Spanish)
  • Data, information and knowledge: have we got it right? by Max Boisot and Agustí Canals, Inf. & Communication (article in English)
  • The role of the tutor in e-learning by Javier Martínez Aldanondo, Education & Psychology (article in Spanish)
  • Intelligent resource management by Daniel Blanquer, Business and Economy (article in Spanish)
  • Health and the Internet: search, subject matter and quality of its content by P. Vivas, M. Armayones [et al.], Education & Psychology (article in Catalan)

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