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KM discussion at FC

A number of bloggers have picked up on this FC Now entry on knowledge management. Heath Row picked up on two other articles on knowledge management.

I particularly enjoyed the comments, particularly this one from Mark Zorro.

The moment knowledge management is filtered for brain extraction, we have not only fragmented what was once complete but we have separated the individual from their intelligence. In seeking to have more, we lose respect of the knowledge giver/provider and institute KM in the same manner that vacuumed teats push udders for milk in the dairy farm, technology works for cows, but humans will never be milked as efficiently. The fact that people can do amazing things with databases and social networking technology does not change the underlying fact, you and me drive the value of any given interaction and if organizations want to buy my value, they better use human eyes rather than electronic eyes to determine whether I know something or can do something of value.

Knowledge management has to be about helping people do their work, both individually and together.

Personal KM and problem solving

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