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The grass is always simpler

Andy Boyd on Creoso makes the excellent observation that my world is always much more complex than what I can see of your world. The Grass is always simpler

One thing that continually intrigues me and has done ever since my first KM steps in 1991, is the fact that people assume their world is complex whilst the world of others is simpler. i.e we all think we could manage our football teams tactics way better that our managers do, and we continually wonder what on earth they are thinking from our comfy seat in the stand (or corporate box these days but that's a long story , maybe a future blog)

This applies to KM implementation and to any other kind of change project as observed from the inside vs that from the outside. This gives me reason to be extra careful when working with clients that I make sure to work with them on not just technology and policy implementations, but also the real changes in behavior that accompany them.

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