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KMPro: Jim McGee on Knowledge Work as Craft on 13 April

I am pleased to announce that Jim McGee of Huron Consulting and McGee's Musings will be the featured speaker at the KMPro Chicago meeting, Tuesday 13 April. From the blurb at the website: KMPro Chicago

Exploring the concept of knowledge work as craft, Jim takes a look at where you end up if you start from the perspective of the knowledge worker first instead of the organization first. Knowledge work takes us back to a world of craft work practices. The "symbolic analysis" that Robert Reich identifies as the essence of knowledge work is designed to create the one-of-a-kind results that characterize craft products.

It was my suggestion that brought Jim to the meeting, and I may only be at the meeting "virtually." We have a main site at Allstate in Northbrook, and a satellite / webinar location at Factiva in the loop. Directions and more info at the KMPro Chicago website.

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