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KMPro 8 June: Tara Jantzen of Aon

The next KMPro meeting will be 8 June 2004: Enterprise Content Management - A Case Study by Tara Jantzen, Aon
(Tara will be speaking at the downtown location.)

With complex organizational and technological structures and tremendous pressure for change, Aon Corporation has taken critical and painful steps within its business units and countries to to evolve to a "One Aon" approach. Part of this process includes content and information sharing across the organization to better serve Aon's clients. But how can this be done in an environment that values a traditional sales culture with an entreprenurial spirit?

Learn what Aon is doing to move forward in a competitive market without compromising the customized and personal approach it takes with clients.

Speaker Bio: Tara Jantzen
Tara Jantzen is the Director of Content Management for Aon Corporation, a leader in insurance and risk management, human capital management, and insurance underwriting. She joined Aon's eBusiness Group in October 2001. Her immediate responsibilities include the development and implementation of the overall strategy and process around content management and knowledge management for Aon's global intranet, extranet and Internet sites.

Prior to joining Aon Corporation, Tara spent 9 years in consulting with both Accenture and Answerthink. During this time, she focused on leading internal knowledge management as well as providing KM consulting services to clients.

1. Allstate Insurance Co., 3075 Sanders Road, Northbrook, IL
2. Factiva, 1 South Wacker Drive, 22nd Floor, Chicago, IL
(see KMPro Chicago website for details and contact information)

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