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Power of questions update

Follow-up to the previous post on questions. I'm not normally going to be posting during the day, since I am rather heavily engaged with my new gig, but this is so close to what I am doing already. And the topic is going around the 'sphere.

Software that "manages" questions is pretty far-fetched. This why this topic is so interesting to me, since my client does need to understand how they approach questions. How will this behavior become part of the overall approach to knowledge management?

I should have known when I posted earlier, but Denham has a Power of Questions entry in his extensive wiki. Here is a list of question types, he's also got sample questions in there that I have left out. [Update: new wiki location]

  • Questions of clarification
  • Purpose questions
  • Prompting questions
  • Attitude questions
  • Commitment questions
  • Affirming questions
  • Questions of uniqueness or Example questions
  • Disagreeing Questions or Questions of Protest
  • Rhetorical questions
  • Hypothetical
  • Polling
  • Review questions
  • Summarizing questions

I'm number three!

Knowledge processes powered by questions