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I'm number three!

I entered the Perfect Pitch Competition, organized by Judith Meskill over at the Social Software Weblog. Winners were announced today: And The Winner Is...

Lee LeFever of Common Craft took first place.
Randal Moss of Community Mobilization took second.
and Michael Angeles of urlgreyhot & I were tied for third.

Here is my entry. Check the other blogs for their winning entries.

You've heard of the blogging phenomenon, right? Blogging takes electronic note-taking and writing a step further and enables people to write for an audience, as well as for themselves. Blogs also attract serendipitous encounters with new people through web searches or by recommendations from still other friends. Isn't this exactly the kind of thing we want to encourage with our people?

I recommend that we try blogging within the company for the next six months. The software is inexpensive, and that length of time should get us enough involvement throughout the organization to show some benefits. I would primarily look for increased collaboration and re-work reduction, as more people will be able to participate in the "has anyone done this" conversations. Ideally, we will also see a higher level of general understanding of what is happening in our business, and having our people connected to our business drivers is a good thing.

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