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Thinking out loud in call centers

I ran across Primus in some recent Googling and discovered this tidbit from John Swindlehurst in their April 2004 newsletter: Primus Newsletter: Thinking Out Loud

Case in point: I was working with a client during a Knowledge Management training engagement in the United Kingdom. During the training session, a student created a new Solution based on a recently closed "case". The following day, the student went to put the "finial touches" on their Solution only to discover that a fellow employee in the United States had already "reused" the Solution to resolve a different customer issue. Within this illustration, one can see how vital the need has become to capture and share/reuse information within a Knowledge Management environment. If the engineer in the United Kingdom had failed to capture the new Solution, there would have been a substantial delay in providing the resolution to the customer in the United States.

What a nice example of how thinking out loud can be valuable. When I related this to a colleague from a command-and-control environment, their face took on a strong look of concern. "How can you just let this happen?" It's all in the culture!

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