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Learn how to Link yourself In

Scott Allen, My friend from the coming MeshForum conference, is hosting an event of his own. How to take advantage of your network on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Unleashed: Leveraging Your Network on LinkedIn for Business Effectiveness and Career Success on 28 April

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for leveraging your social network to achieve your business and career goals. With over half a million members in a wide range of industries and positions spread around the globe, LinkedIn is rapidly becoming a business essential for many professionals.

The basic mechanics of using LinkedIn are simple $(O a(B major reason for its popularity. But knowing how to best use it for your business may not be obvious. LinkedIn offers many features that users may not aware of for facilitating connections, protecting privacy, and tracking results. We have combined this information with the best practices of people who are using LinkedIn with great success every day to offer you a comprehensive guide to maximizing your effectiveness on LinkedIn.

Thinking out loud in call centers

I'm number three!