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The power of 'why?'

John Baldoni has a nice article on asking the simple question, "Why?" in the May Darwin Magazine: The Power of Why

When used correctly in the right situations, why has the power to get people to ask their own whys. They may discover new things about themselves as well as their work that will benefit their ability to grow as individuals and as contributors to the organization.

Baldoni covers several aspects of the question, from the value of well-placed questions to caution for not over-using it. Why comes up in many methodologies, whether it is your favorite problem solving / investigating technique (a la Kepner-Tregoe) or POOGI or several others.

Here are Baldoni's ways one can put why to use:

  • Burst preconceptions
  • Question assumptions
  • Raise the stakes
  • Enlist support
  • Identify new challenges

Read the full article for his detailed description.

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