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Information Environmentalist

George Siemens turned up an interesting quote on information overload from an article by Dean Paton in the May 10, 2004 Christian Science Monitor: elearnspace: Information Environmentalist

Here's a sign of the times: Information Environmentalist: "The newest polluters are not chemical manufacturers leaking toxins into the air. Neither are they logging conglomerates clearing ancient forests nor avaricious developers turning wetlands into strip malls. The newest polluters are in your pocket, atop your desk, or clogging your telephone lines with streams of digital effluent.
The information age, it seems, is data-contaminated. And it's not just the volume of information that's worrisome; it's the lack of context in which it's delivered."

The article focuses on a topical conference that was held today at the U of Washington, "Information, Silence, and Sanctuary." Based on the discussion in the article, they are not so focused on any one way to recover from information overload. They are looking at various techniques to manage one's time and effort spent managing their information overload.

I already know that my life is going to change with the impending baby, and I have been mentally preparing to seriously pare down my aggregator reading list. Fortunately, I already don't spend much time in front of the TV in a given week, so I won't be missing that. (Except for the fact that the Giro d'Italia is running through the end of the month on OLN TV.)

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