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KMPro with Tara Jantzen

Tara Jantzen, the Director of Content Management for Aon Corporation, spoke at the 8 June KMPro Chicago meeting. Her topic was "Enterprise Content Management - A Case Study." Before Aon, she spent many years at Accenture in their content management organization.

Rather than talk about the generic version of what is content management, Jantzen focused on how her thoughts of the past three years as the lead for content management. She described challenges and needs that sounded quite familiar: nearly all big companies have knowledge that they want to distribute to their people as efficiently as possible, but that there are a number of sociological and technical hurdles. Jantzen's role at Aon is at the enterprise level, so they are exploring ways to deliver content in as consistent a way as possible, such as via an enterprise portal that has different "lenses" for different types of users.

I particularly liked the concept that Jantzen discussed of having both a Content Strategy and a Content Management Strategy. The former is a strategy around what content is needed by the organization, who should be producing it and who needs it. The focus is on being thoughtful and intentional in creating content in the corporation. The latter is focused on what to do with the content, once it has been created. The CM Strategy explores issues like how the content should be managed, the taxonomy, the software, the content managers, etc.

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