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AOK with David Snowden and Steve Barth

The Association of Knowledgwork's STAR Series for June commences on the 21st, with an interchange between IBM's Cynefin Center leader, David Snowden, coupled with prolific knowledge management magazine writer Steve Barth. The announcement from Jerry Ash reads as follows.

For the next fortnight my attention will be on this space but my heart will be at Wimbledon, England where the oldest of the Grand Slam tennis championships will continue a tradition that began in 1877.

Britain's David Snowden, however, will be continuing a tradition that began over three years ago and which included Dave as one of the early STAR Series guest moderators. This time he will be joined on this court by America's Steve Barth for a some serve and volley discussion comparing and contrasting the roles of Corporate Knowledge Management (CKM) and Personal Knowledge Management (PKM).

An award-winning magazine writer, Steve Barth has spent the last six years specializing in knowledge management, organizational intelligence and knowledge worker productivity. He has been focused on knowledge management since the first issue of America's KM magazine in 1998 (which he joined after several years as senior editor at another Freedom Communications magazine (World Trade). In the last year or so Steve has become one of the world's most quoted advocates of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM).

Since 2002, Steve has also been working with Dave Snowden's Cynefin Centre and several other groups as executive editor of Emergence: Complexity & Organisation (ECO) a new journal in development with Palgrave Macmillan publishing about the implications and applications of complexity theory to human organizations.

Dave Snowden probably needs no introduction. He is director, IBM Cynefin Center for Organizational Complexity. One of the founders of Organic Knowledge Management, he is an acknowledged expert on the management of tacit knowledge and has developed a series of pioneering methods including the use of anthropological techniques for knowledge disclosure through the ASHEN model, the use of stories as an advanced form of knowledge repository (based on six years of research into story telling cultures around the world) and the Cynefin "Just in Time" model of knowledge transfer between formal and informal communities.

His masterclasses in Organic Knowledge Management and Storytelling are highly rated and a regular sell out. Many of these events have been organized by the ARK Group, an AOK affiliate, and with another AOKer, Stephen Denning who was the first STAR SERIES guest moderator.

Please welcome Steve Barth and Dave Snowden as guest moderators of the STAR Series Dialogues. And don't let them get away with just talking to each other! Join the conversation and make the discussion relevant to the work you are doing.

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