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AOK with Dave Pollard

The next AOK STAR Series discussion will be with Dave Pollard over the next two weeks. This follows on the heels of an excellent discussion with David Gurteen on interpersonal knowledge management. Dave Pollard will be speaking on Personal Content Management and Social Networking -- particularly on the tools that make up this realm of the world and how they impact wha twe do. The whole introduction is at the AOK site with the last paragraph as a teaser:

I'd be pleased to use this forum to provide further information on some of the newly-developed prototypes that have some of the functionality of the tools described above, and to act as an intermediary between you (as potential power users) and the developers of these prototype tools. However, I'm hoping to have a free-wheeling discussion with you about where KM is going, because I sincerely believe it's "change or die" time for our profession. I'll be surprised if, at the end of our journey together, we haven't all changed our ideas about the value, and future, of knowledge management.

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