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Personal or Corporate Knowledge Management

Das E-Business Weblog: Knowledge Management does not exist. Personal Knowledge Management does.

Let's make it simple:
You can't manage knowledge. If you are an organisation.
You can manage knowledge. If you are an individual.

Entertaining and informative post from Martin Roell. Enterprise knowledge management doesn't make sense -- enabling knowledge workers to do their work well is what EKM needs to be about. Knowledge work is self-directed activity. Where the KM conversation gets interesting is in how an organization can support the activities of their knowledge worker while also moving forward with the goals of the organization. The never ending question: how does that help the bottom line?

In case you haven't seen it, Denham argues almost the exact opposite. He sees PKM as too narrowly focussed on me, me, me.

Customer Relationship Management and KM

PKM in the Google Age