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PKM in the Google Age

Ed Taekema expands on recent discussions by Jon Udell and others on a Google PC.
Personal Information and Knowledge Management in the Google Age:

Where we ponder how filesystem based document management is being replaced by webservers, wikis, search engines.

I too am finding my hierarchical information storage is getting to be too much work. I've been using Personal Brain for several years and have been generally happy, but now I find myself using it less and less -- I am also generating fewer documents outside of email and web-writing. And most incoming text is on the web via my aggregator or in email, which I store in those systems rather than in PersonalBrain.

A tool that hasn't been mentioned in these discussions is Lookout, which many have heard does wonders for searching within Outlook. What I haven't seen mentioned is that it now has been setup to search your "My Documents" folder, so a quick search returns everything. My only complaint is that with Newsgator bringing my web feeds into Outlook, Lookout gets overwhelmed when doing searches. (I've actually told it to stop indexing Newsgator folders.)

Personal or Corporate Knowledge Management

Entopia, now with SNA