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PKM starts the conversation

Jim McGee has written an article connecting back to conversations of Martin Roell and the recently-concluded discussion on Personal Knowledge Management "versus" Corporate Knowledge Management at AOK. I am also trying this idea with my colleagues and clients to some level of interest. The grassroots are where knowledge management must begin:

I prefer starting at the individual knowledge worker because it is a strategy that requires no permission from anyone to implement. Whether you are in an organization that is smart or stupid about knowledge work and knowledge management, you can put your own house in order. You don't stop there, of course. That lets you contribute that much more to Denham's workgroup focus.

It's all a process. On what things do you focus first? The big, monster application? The community / social software? Personal information and knowledge management? I suspect these things can all be pursued together, it's just that preparing for PKM tends to have a much shorter turnaround time. Again, what is the organization looking to do?

Ives' History of KM series

Community tools are used by individuals