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More PKM starts the conversation

Some more thoughts on my earlier comments PKM starts the conversation.

Of course, PKM isn't an all-or-nothing proposal. It's just that experience has taught that big "knowledge base" efforts don't seem to make it when it is the individuals within the organization that have to use the system. Or maybe it's just that the proposed benefits are never fully realized.

Why not turn the concept on its head? Instead of one mother-of-all system, provide people the capability and education to manage their own world of information and in their terms. Then, take what each person has done and do some useful thing with it, like helping people find others who are writing and storing the same kinds of information. Certainly, this can be done with email (Tacit), but just imagine how much more powerful this could be with systems that "see" the work of individuals in several contexts: email, weblogs, community forums, and even formal corporate repositories.

Poof. That just became corporate knowledge management as an outgrowth of tools that help the individual knowledge worker.

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