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Research project: Integration of business process support with knowledge management

I stumbled upon this research project when doing some related Googling. Integration of business process support with knowledge management (Inka)

Project Summary:
For knowledge management to be of use in an organization, it should be seamlessly incorporated in everyday business activities. Much of business activities, especially on operational level, are structured around business processes, for example, order processing, preparation of budget, or negotiation. Knowledge management needs to be integrated with these processes, which means that a system that supports business processes should also support knowledge management. The objective with the project is to work out techniques for developing integrated process and knowledge management systems, and investigate effects of introducing such a system in operational practice, e.g., effects on productivity, internal cooperation, democracy in organizational life, etc. The project'€™s objectives will be pursued through field studies at an interest organization that is currently introducing an integrated process and knowledge support system in its operational practice. In addition, new features for integrated systems will be investigated, designed and implemented as prototypes

The lead, Dr. Ilia Bider of IbisSoft takes the words out of my mouth. Knowledge management won't help until it is built into and supports the important processes in the business.


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