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New online magazine: Planetwork Journal

PlaNetwork Journal announces its inaugural issue. Along with the focus on "source code for global citizenship," they include a blog. I don't see a web feed for their articles.

We are pleased to announce the inaugural issue of Planetwork Journal, a quarterly online publication for in-depth articles by those engaged in applying new technology to benefit the public interest.

The influence of information technology on fields as diverse as environmental science, biology, ecological design, alternative economics, distributed democracy, social network theory, and interactive forms of art is transforming the landscape of the possible. Over the past four years, Planetwork conferences have been a meeting place for researchers, software designers, entrepreneurs, independent scholars, artists, and activists working at the intersection between technology and societal transformation.

Planetwork Journal is a place where practitioners can present their work and ideas to those outside their own field who share their concern about the challenges facing the ecosystem and democracy.

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