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Complexity applied to life

Applying Complexity Science to Health and Healthcare (pdf) summarizes the discussion from a similarly-titled conference held by The Center for the Study of Healthcare Management (and others) at the Carson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

I very much like the combination of theory with practice. There are a couple great tables that compare complex adaptive to traditional for organizational behavior and for leadership. The bit that most caught my attention was the description of how all this bears out in the regular practice of a physician.

A physician who acts within the spirit of a complex adaptive system views the patient as a human organism, not an indication for a procedure; understands the patient is embedded in a variety of systems—physiological, family, political, and social—that continuously recalibrate themselves; and appreciates that small interventions at the correct leverage points can have large results.

This applies equally to the manager and the knowledge worker.

[discovered via Peter West during the AOK discussion with Józefa Fawcett]

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