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AOK Connect

Patti Anklam has just given me an excuse to congratulate Jerry Ash for his cover shot on KM Magazine AOK Connect

KM Magazine arrived yesterday. Jerry Ash, who has created an awesome conversational space in the AOK network, is on the cover. Full PDF available.


Coincidentally (or not), I was Googling "social network analysis" and "Tacit" (for Tacit the company), and discovered that Jack Vinson blogged my entry on Dennis' Smith's article. I know Jack through AOK conversations and was delighted to find his SNA blog archives, with great insights from a recent Chicago KMPro meeting. (hi, Jack!)

Hi, Patti.

I came across Patti when she was an AOK STAR last August. I've been reading her infrequent-but-useful posts ever since.

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