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Whatever doesn't make you stronger kills you

Jeff Angus in his Management by Baseball tells us that Whatever Doesn't Make You Stronger Kills You - Yankee Edition. The focus is on organizations and how any organization needs to "inventory" and rationalize the people who are on the team. He quotes from an article on the Yankees:

The bigger knock is on the organization's thinking, and it has been true for years. The Yankees have so much dough, so much prestige invested in their front-line players that they seem to give little thought to their reserves. Specifically, they don't devote a lot of thought to answering the question, "Why is this guy here?"

Because I have been doing my own "housecleaning" of late, this struck home at a personal level. While I can't accumulate personality by throwing money around, I certainly accumulate some quirks just be being human. If I don't spend the time to consider those quirks and understand how they affect me and my life, then I am missing a big part of the live-life-to-the-fullest game. I need to know what I am working with, just as a business needs to understand its people and their skills.

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