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Improving productivity - Roell

Martin Roell published his BlogTalk 2.0 paper at the end of June, and I am just getting around to mentioning my thoughts. A number of others have done so as well. Distributed KM - Improving Knowledge Workers' Productivity and Organisational Knowledge Sharing with Weblog-based Personal Publishing.

His article gets at the heart of my current interests in knowledge management. How does an organization support the knowledge worker and at the same time have any hope of "capturing" the byproducts of their knowledge processes? Even stating it in that way is backwards from the traditional corporate knowledge management view of "how can we capture our people's knowledge?"

The paper argues - and there are people on many sides of this - that supporting knowledge management means giving people access to the right skills and tools, and then encouraging them to write and communicate "in the open" for others to read. And then those others can write and communicate, and so on, and so on. The newer technologies that Martin discusses enable more people to hear more ideas, whether inside or outside a company.

The paper is also an excellent reference source for further reading on the topic.

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