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Amidon and Davis at AOK

I'm a little slow with this announcement, but Debra Amidon (Entovation) and Bryan Davis (Kaietuer Institute for KM) are the guests of honor for the September STAR Series at AOK, which started at the beginning of the week.

Their topic is Knowledge Innovation Zones and Knowledge Cities - how knowledge and innovation can be used to improve nations, regions and communities. More details and bios in the introduction:

The Knowledge City -- and now Zone -- is the synthesis of the "creative city," the "science city" and the "digital city" where arts and sciences become unified in a uniquely human twenty-first century urban ecology powered by advances in technological communication. Knowledge cities create online Knowledge Observatories, Web sites showcasing the knowledge-based enterprises, talent bases and initiatives in progress within a given city or region.

Knowledge Zones can cross geography and industry boundaries, linking communities of practice in which ideas can flow in a wider circle - from the point of origin to the point of need or use. Zones and cities in some 40 countries are now accessible by registering online. There Bryan Davis and Debra Amidon present the foundation for global sustainability, including competitive ranking reports, recommended readings and research plans.

Please, join AOK to participate in the conversation. Amidon and Davis have also set up a new website community for working on and discussing Knowledge Innovation Zones: In The Zone.

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