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Denham Grey at AOK on Social Software

Starting next week, Denham Grey will be the final STAR of 2005 at the Association of Knowledgework.  His topic will be "Knowledge Sharing and Social Software." 

Denham has long been involved in the knowledge management community - particularly as the guy who answers all and sundry questions with an even voice of experience.  I had the opportunity to meet him when he joined us for a very snowy BlogWalk Chicago.

AOK: Preparing for Conversations with Denham Grey

Denham is most passionate about social networking, and this warm-up to the Conversations with Denham Grey includes his thoughts on the subject. But what's new to this space is the Knowledge Sharing and Social Software resource page he has developed particularly for this Dialogue. Since we are largely focused on the 'human side' of KM, we either ignore the place of technology in KM or resist the inflated belief that IT is KM's driving force. Of course, we know better than to say that IT is not a vital support mechanism for KM; yet, we have given it too little attention here. Denham brings that to us for the first time. A summary and link to the Wiki page can be found below.

His recently-posted articles at his blog, Knowledge-at-work, are preludes to the discussion at AOK.  As the note above says, he's also set up AOK-specific space at wikispaces, where he has reproduced the discussion-starters from AOK.

To participate in the discussion, you need to be a member of AOK, which is a well-worth-it $50/year.

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