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Faith for knowledge management

Olaf Brugman found an interesting article for us. KM: have faith and ethics

Knowledge Management requires personal faith and ethics, says Renata Guizzardi in her blog posting Is Faith important for Knowledge Management?.

The point Renata makes, is that realizing knowledge management largely depends on our attitudes, and on our ideas on how we relate to others.

Specifically, Renata talks about a set of conditions that need to exist for KM to work well. To paraphrase:

  1. One has to have confidence in themselves before they are willing to share with others. I think a big component of my interest in Personal Knowledge Management is around enabling people to have this confidence.
  2. Then one has to have faith / trust that others will share freely and not purposefully try to hurt you. A number of writers have talked about this aspect and how important it is to the success of a knowledge management effort.
  3. And finally, have a faith that a system of ethics exists and informs the work you do together. Renata separates this from the second item because the ethics system helps one understand how people outside your immediate network are expected to behave.

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