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KM metaphor - options galore

Mopsos and the Communities of Practice group at Yahoo have collided on thoughts about knowledge management. Mopsos on Knowledge Transportation

This is to show that the one-size-fits-all of corporate KM is no longer the rule of the knowledge sharing game. Personal tools can indeed blend quite nicely with corporate tools, as long as they do complement each other. It also shows that interoperability standards don't need to be very complicated to work.

And someone in the CoP group brought up the question of KM for smaller businesses, noting that most of the established writing on KM appears to be geared toward large businesses. The issue seems to be the way "corporate KM" initiatives are geared toward solving big, governance problems. Whereas smaller companies (or smaller groups within a company) need more immediacy. I suggested that every business needs to consider the real purpose behind its "KM" effort to understand which of the many directions (modes of transportation) make sense for the organization, big or small.

p.s. And now I see that Feedster is indexing YahooGroups. The thread on "KM for small companies" showed up in my regular KM search feed. Cool.

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