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What is KM again

I came across Rebecca Thomas' EducationNiche by way of my Feedster search on KM. She is a KM-skeptic, but has been posting on the topic nonetheless. I appreciate what she is talking about, because it is far too easy to get caught up in KM as a "cool tool" without getting at the spirit around devising better ways to work with your intellectual capital.

An example: in a recent entry, Is it knowledge management or not?, she found a reference to KM in hiring methods article and says,

Perhaps I've missed something here, but how does the consideration of hiring methods ever warrant being defined as knowledge management? I realize I criticize knowledge management a lot, but I think this example just furthers my belief that knowledge management is not a useful practice because nobody knows what it is. Even CLOs seem to have problems figuring it out and agreeing on what that term means.

An entertaining note: The Google Ads that appeared when I visited were for four different knowledge management software packages.

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