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AOK: Online Communities in Business

The online community of the Association of Knowledgework is hosting its final STAR Series of the year with Jenny Ambrozek of Sageway & Joe Cothrel. Come join the fun, it's free.

They are working on the topic of Online Communities in Business 2004 Past Progress, Future Directions, based on their recent survey. They have come up with five strategies, and the discussion is geared around thinking about these topics.

  1. Think local and real - Integration of online interactions with local geographies and physical interactions is a universal goal.
  2. Get networking - Tools that support social networking tools, including not only introduction tools but blogs and other social software, will have a profound impact on communities of all kinds.
  3. Empower the people - Increasingly the call to community is not "come and join our community" but rather "come and create your own community."
  4. Raise the bar on data - Harvesting and demonstrating the value of communities is still top of mind.
  5. Advocate and educate - It's never been more important to imbue organizations with community principles and best practices.

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