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A project defined by GTD

Merlin of 43 Folders describes the Good Stuff about Getting Things Done. And specifically, he talks about his new understanding of what a project is:

  1. It has more than one physical action.
  2. Its desired outcome is valuable, desirable, and well articulated (even if it needs to change or adapt as the project's constraints evolve).
  3. Everyone involved in the project understands and agrees on the project's value and desirable outcome (or, failing at that, they at least understand what their role in its envisionable success must be).
  4. It's something to which I've made some kind of commitment—either a public commitment to others or even just a mental obligation I've made with myself. This is something in the world that I agree deserves my time and attention to the exclusion of other things.

As he suggests, these may seem obvious, but they aren't. I've had clients where the big project was running in multiple directions because there was never agreement on direction between the primary project leaders. This is critical with respect to points two and three. But even the individual commitment is important. It isn't a project for me, if I haven't committed to that project.

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