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Inside Social Networks in Boston on Jan 21

Bill Ives is busy organizing a day-long KM Cluster event Inside Social Networks - January 21, 2005:

Mark Bonchek, Kate Ehrlich, Peter Gloor, and I continue to refine our KM Cluster session for Cambridge, MA, on January 21, 2005. Here is the latest version of the event and we hope that many of you will find it interesting.

Recent work has identified the importance of social networks for communication, information sharing, decision-making and even innovation. If networks are the way work gets done, how does a network, especially one within an enterprise, get created? Does it happen by chance or by design? Can managers influence the growth of networks and if so should they? How does an individual who has just changed jobs, been part of a corporate merger or started selling to a new company grow their personal network? And how do these new experiences evolve from brief encounters to sustainable connections?

Participants include Tom Davenport, Patti Anklam, Judith Meskill, Dave Newbold, Paul Trevithick, Andrew Laing, as well as those who are organizing the event.  Maybe we should look into doing some joint activities with KM Chicago in the coming year.

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