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Feedster images - not always what you expect

Update Sept 2014: Feedster is a very different thing now. Removing all links.

Feedster lets you claim your feed, which lets you set up an icon to appear with any results that come from your web feed. Neat. I've told it to show my coffee cup icon. However, when someone aggregates your content and then delivers that aggregated content via their website, the Feedster icon that shows up is theirs. This has caused me some confusion lately with Lilia's materials being aggregated through Stephen's Web Community and then fed up with its own RSS feed.  I get Stephen Downes' picture next to Lilia's words - a very strange juxtaposition. This Feedster search for Lilia's blog gives me two results, one from Stephen's aggregator (labeled as "from Edu RSS") and the other directly from Mathemagenic.  (It's not only Lilia's content through Stephen's aggregator - there are other examples too.)

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Personal knowledge aggregation idea