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pre-BlogWalk dinner

Just back from a lovely dinner at Reza's Restaurant before BlogWalk itself with about 1/3 of the BlogWalk group.  That would be Lilia Efimova of Mathemagenic, Stuart Henshall of Unbound Spiral, Martin Geddes of Telepocalypse, Mark Bernstein, Shannon Clark of Searching for the Moon, Brian Dennis of New Media Hack, Denham Grey of Knowledge-at-work and his wife, and Marci Cohen of Rockhack (my wife) and our baby. 

I have no idea what all the conversations were about, though I picked up tidbits of everything from "what is BlogWalk all about" to "why blogging?"  Since many of us haven't met physically before, there were also a number of "what brought you to this place" and "what is your background" kinds of conversions.  The best one was the path from a forestry degree to (not) doing knowledge management for a high-tech manufacturing concern.

Sadly, two planned attendees cannot make it, but then we've added three or four people as "last minute" attendees.  These things all balance.  And we've are getting a heck of a lot of snow.  It's pretty as I watch it from my office.

BlogWalk Chicago initial summary

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