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New blog: From the Podium

My friend, Ben Wechsler, has started a blog, From the Podium, to mesh his ideas about music (thus the podium), knowledge management and other topics.  One of his first posts recounts the familiar story of an architect who refuses to have sidewalks built until they emerge from how the building's occupants create paths in the grass.  I love how Ben summarizes the story: Paths to Innovation and Mastery:

In summary, I am paying more attention to the paths I follow and create in my life. As I mature in my profession, it is my focus to find and discover paths engraved in the ground, rather than to blindly and arrogantly build concrete sidewalks.
Life emerges as we experience it, so being open to see those news paths instead of forcing ourselves to "do what we've always done" is an excellent direction.  As engaged humans, we get to continue watching for ways in which we participate in life anew.

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