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12 Principles of Knowledge Leadership from Arthur Shelley

I haven't completely forgotten knowledge management. My life happens to be tied up in the process side of things these days, but KM hides under the covers of many conversations I have with people. How do we make sure the right people know how to operate?  

As such, Arthur Shelley posted his 12 Principles of Knowledge Leadership to a KM mailing list - turns out he wrote this a year and a half ago.  Good reference material!

12 Principles of Knowledge Leadership is a great place to start you practice of becoming more successful:

  1. Lead
  2. Engage
  3. Enhance performance
  4. Accelerate
  5. Create
  6. Prioritise
  7. Ensure
  8. Invest
  9. Share
  10. Stimulate
  11. Leverage
  12. Be the (knowledge) leader you want to serve - Channelling Gandhi there!

As usual, go to his website for more details on each of these.  I could argue several of these apply well beyond knowledge management.

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