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Business Blogs: A Practical Guide

Bill Ives at Portals and KM has written a new book, Business Blogs: A Practical Guide, and it will be Available Soon

It is a good time to be a blogger. Blog was Webster’s word of the year, bloggers were one of ABC News’ “People of the Year”, and Fortune Magazine has named blogging as the No. 1 business technology trend for 2005. But what do blogs really bring to business and what are early adapters doing? This is a question Amanda Watlington and I recently asked over 50 well-known bloggers from firms like IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and SAP, as well as many small businesses and individual consultants in a variety of industries. Amanda is a search marketing expert and brings deep marketing and technical skills to complement my business experience.

As one of the interviewees, I can say that I am looking forward to this book.  I am sure Bill has given the book the same treatment he gives all his writing topics.  He absorbs information from a wide variety of people and other sources and does a great job of summarizing and analysis. 

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