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Be careful what you launch - Bill Ives

About three years ago, I had an interesting email and phone conversation with Bill Ives, who found me through this blog.  He was curious about the world of blogging and connections blogging might have in knowledge management.  A few weeks later (four years ago, as it turns out), Bill launched his blog, Portals and KM, and it is still going strong.  Keep up the good work, Bill!

Portals and KM: Third Anniversary (I had to keep the reference to me below.  Thanks for that, Bill!)

Tomorrow I start my fourth year with this blog. On May 2, 2004 I did my first posts. There were three, Is KM the Killer App for Portals?, Some good articles on blogs and blogs on blogs, and Is RSS TNBT? I think the last one is now answered yes as RSS is everywhere and not just with blogs. Blogs are also everywhere and in many niche business markets such as real estate and sports. KM may be a killer app for portals but web 2.0 tools like blogs, wikis, and tagging are going to change intranets forever so they may not look or act like the enterprise portals that I was describing.

Two people encouraged me to start a blog, Cesar Brea and Jack Vinson and they remain active bloggers. I also attended Dave Winer's sessions at the Berkman Center. Dave has gone but the sessions continue. Writing an article on blogs for Portals Magazine is what got we started with this blog. Writing about web 2.0 inside and out side the firewall remains the core of what I cover during the week. Now I am also part of the group blog, Fast Forward, on enterprise 2.0.

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