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What does knowledge jolt do

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Knowledge Jolt provides consulting services to businesses and individuals with a focus on establishing effective work practices associated with how knowledge is used.

Organizations are overloaded with information and technology, which diminishes their ability to make quick, confident decisions.  Knowledge Jolt helps organizations step back from the flood and consider mechanisms for using and finding knowledge in order to make more confident decisions.

We work closely with people to connect their business goals to the data, information and knowledge needed to make those strategies succeed.  Rather than focusing on any one technology or system, we want to help you create the best connection between the knowledge of your organization and success at the end of they day. 

Knowledge Jolt has worked with a variety of companies from large pharmaceutical to insurance to smaller business service firms.  The common thread is that all our clients have been overwhelmed by information and technology presented as a solution.  Knowledge Jolt will help walk through the sea of options to discover what processes and technologies are right for you and your business, so that you can get on with the job of running your business.


KM project support.  Knowledge Jolt was brought on board to assist with a large knowledge management in the call center of an insurance company.  The primary goal of the project was to design and begin building a content management system to improve telephone operators' capacity to answer questions quickly and accurately.  Knowledge Jolt helped understand the business requirements of the system and defined technical requirements in concert with other business and technology experts. 

Keeping abreast of technology changes.  A client asked Knowledge Jolt "what's happening in the technology world" with respect to their small research services firm.  We held a one-day brainstorming session with several of their employees to gain deeper understanding of their needs.  From that we produced a set of possible directions, many of which had nothing to do with specific technologies, rather they had to do with how they use and deliver what they already have. 

Project management.  The principal at Knowledge Jolt was part of an interdisciplinary team that implemented a Critical Chain Project Management approach in the biopharmaceutical unit of a large pharmaceutical company.  His contribution was in understanding how the technology being used would best fit with the business and with the changes being implemented.  The result was a huge shift in the way projects are managed and a six-month-faster regulatory filing on the first project, when all involved did not believe it was possible.  Critical Chain Project Management and the Theory of Constraints continue to be important tools for Knowledge Jolt. 

Personal effectiveness.  Effective knowledge management within an organization is strongly tied to the ability of individuals within that organization to do their work.  Knowledge Jolt will work with teams and individuals to help build upon existing skills for time and priority management.  The main focus of this work is helping people reconnect to what is important for them in their organization. 

Using new technologies.  Knowledge Jolt will help you evaluate new technologies and explore how specific technologies can fill needs in your business.  We do this by working with you to understand how the tool and the underlying knowledge that flows through it impact your business.  We are particularly well-versed in technologies associated with collecting, building and distributing knowledge and information.  These include social software, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, personal effectiveness, expert systems, and electronic laboratory notebooks.  We are continually evaluating new ideas and opportunities to understand how they fit into the business framework. 

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Knowledge Jolt is a knowledge management consultancy with an expertise in tying together business and technology.  We will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals and provide guidance and assistance in developing the right business processes and uses of technology to achieve your business goals. 

Whether the flood is from too many projects, too many options for the future, or simply too much email and paper crowding your desk, Knowledge Jolt will work with you to sort out what is important and devise a path forward. 

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