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KM Chicago: Technology trends in KM, 8 March

The 8 March KM Chicago meeting will feature Jonathan Sapir, author of Igniting the Phoenix: A New Vision for IT, and a corresponding product based on the ideas in the book, SnapXT.  He will talk about Technology trends and their impact on knowledge management.  KM Chicago March 8th Meeting

Tuesday, March 8
5- 7PM
Jonathan Sapir (will be presenting in Northbrook)

Presentation: Technology trends and their impact on knowledge management

  • Web services and SOA: Packaging knowledge as a service
  • Social software: Dynamically building knowledge trails
  • Business processes: Integrating just-in-time knowledge for exception handling

Location details are available on the KM Chicago weblog.  I'm planning to attend at Allstate in Northbrook, or you can view via webinar at Factiva's offices in the Loop.

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