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Upcoming KM Chicago: Best Practices with Susan Leandri

The April 12th meeting of KM Chicago will discuss best practices and setting up structures for best practices within your own firms. From the announcement:

Susan Leandri, managing director of PricewaterhouseCoopers' Global Best Practices will discuss ways that companies can actually create their own "best practices capability" including how to capture and share key working practices, replicate best practices, and create an incubator for nurturing new ideas on performing business processes.

We have touched upon best practices in at least one previous meeting with Bob Hiebeler.  The general topic of best practice and lessons has been a topic within other conversations as well. 

The meeting is from 5 - 7 pm, and we will be at locations in Northbrook and in the Loop, as described on the KM Chicago page.  Come join us.

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